Sunday, 12 October 2014

Signs of life

It's not been the best of years on the Triumph front, what with loosing the use of the Spitfire for the best part of four months over the summer for accident repairs and not being able to do anything of any substance to the Saloon.

Just for a wee bit of fun and to give me a break from some pretty tough work that I was doing on the Defender this afternoon, I decided to fire up the Saloon. It cheered me up no end and should hopefully convince my RBRR co-conspirators that the Saloon is not a figment of my imagination and that other than the bodywork issues which I need to deal with the rest of it is actually pretty sound.

I took the short video below on the iPhone. The sound quality isn't great and the engine and exhaust don't sound anything like that in real life. The state of the garage is also a bit of an embarrassment - but at least that's easily sorted.

The Saloon will have to come out of the garage in a couple of weeks to make way for the Spitfire, which needs to be garaged over the winter so that I can get the dash stripped out and sent away to Chapman and Cliff to get refurbished. While the Saloon's outside the plan for over the winter, weather permitting, is:
  • Get the radiator out and away for recoring
  • Fit the power steering conversion that I got from Chris Witor some time ago
  • Get the front and rear suspension overhauled
  • Fit the front ARB bits that I've also had lying about for a while
Hopefully, I'll be able to get that lot completed by early Springtime at which point the Spitfire will be coming out of the garage and the Saloon can go back in and the bodywork repairs can start in earnest.

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