Sunday, 7 September 2014

Spitty's back

Three months and three weeks after I pranged it, I finally got the Spitfire back at the end of last week. It's taken somewhat longer than I would have wished to get the repairs done - due primarily to some logistical issues associated with sourcing the replacement bonnet.

Since the accident repair necessitated that in addition to painting the new bonnet and front valance, both doors and the scuttle had to be repainted, I decided to pay the extra required to have all of the rear of the car resprayed at the same time. It didn't make a lot of sense not to do this as there were a couple of small patches that were needing attention anyway.

I'm very happy with the way it's turned out:

Chic (Doig) and his guys have actually got the new Heritage bonnet fitting much better than the Heritage bonnet of 1999/2000 vintage it replaces. The new bonnet aligns much better with the scuttle and the gaps all round are much more consistent. The older bonnet had to sit about a quarter of an inch higher than the scuttle to get the other gaps about right.

The only outstanding issue is that the stainless steel bumpers have not yet arrived from the Far East so Chic has had to put my own (now getting very rusty) rear bumper back on and has loaned me a front bumper from his second-hand stock until the stainless ones turn up.

A quick change of plugs and a spirited run round the "Slamannan Circle" on Sunday afternoon last week confirmed that the Spit is running as sweetly as ever. In spite of missing out on all of the good weather we've had this year there's still have an opportunity to rack up a fair few miles if the weather holds good for the next couple of months. Fingers crossed!

Now that the drive is back to its full compliment of cars and the frustrations of the last few months are over I'm hoping that some of the mojo I need to get started again on the Saloon is going to start finding it's way back home.

Mind you, watching the cars - especially the big Saloons - on the RBRR normally has that effect regardless of the sort of year I've had and I doubt that this year will be any different. I'm helping out with marshalling at Conon Bridge this year and the very obvious buzz that this event generates normally has an effect on me for months afterwards so here's hoping for the Saloon and 2016.

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